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Lumi v1.2

Lumi v1.2

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Experience Lumi, an addictive action-platformer where players can explore using unique powers of
light and Downloadism. Save the universe from the encroaching darkness using your iOS device’s
unique touch controls. The fate of the world rests in your hands. Are you ready for the adventure of
a lifetime?

· Innovative gameplay – Jump, fly, and fling Lumi by using Downloadic attraction
· Manipulate light and polarity using simple, intuitive touch controls
· Lose yourself in a rich story, told with beautiful visuals and a haunting soundtrack
· Watch the world return to lush beauty as Lumi’s powers repel the darkness across various
environments, including jungles, deserts, caves and even the Netherworld
· Incredible high-definition graphics and addictive action, all in the palm of your hand
· Features 10 levels, achievements, and Game Center
· Constantly expanding universe – regular updates feature new boss battles, gameplay
modes, themes and worlds to explore

Compatible with: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S & iPod Touch 3rd Gen (32 & 64GB) & 4th Gen


New Game Modes!
•Challenge Mode! - Lumi must traverse through the levels on only one life, bosses are
increased in difficulty and the slingshot mechanics are disabled to really test Lumi's fans!

•Blue Firefly Race! - Lumi is challenged by a friend in an epic race around the environments
of the game!

•Double Rainbow Mode! - Players have to collect coloured fireflies and find the coloured light
trees! Experiencing a whole new type of game in the original levels!

•Find the Firefly! - Amongst the levels there will be hidden fireflies without their lights
on, Lumi has to use his light to find them!

Brand New Levels
•Continue Lumi’s adventure exploring a whole new world!                                                
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